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Family 3F.0375

Blank cutting machines for folding cardboard

Family 3F.0380

Blank cutting machines for labels

Family 3F.0385

Rotary blank-cutting machines

Family 3F.0390

Rotary blank cutting machines for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.0395

Embossing machines

Family 3F.0400

Dry and wet embossing machines

Family 3F.0405

Automatic packaging machines

Family 3F.0410

Fan heater systems for paper-mills – ventilation- suction- depuration- powder disposal

Family 3F.0415

Automatic systems for corrugated cardboard transformation lines

Family 3F.0420

Complete systems for producing retractable labels/sleeves

Family 3F.0425

Complete systems for polyethylene bags

Family 3F.0430

Continuous systems for high vacuum metallization

Family 3F.0435

Extrusion systems for laminating and coating

Family 3F.0440

Extrusion systems for plastic films

Family 3F.0445

Extrusion systems for blown film

Family 3F.0450

Laminating machines

Family 3F.0455

Rotogravure autotypical engraving systems

Family 3F.0460

Rotogravure electrolytic engraving systems

Family 3F.0465

Rotogravure cylinder washing systems

Family 3F.0470

Mixing systems

Family 3F.0480

Coating systems

Family 3F.0485

Film processing systems by polarized flame

Family 3F.0490

Film processing systems of with plasma arc

Family 3F.0495

Systems and equipment for paper-mills

Family 3F.0500

Corrugated cardboard manufacturing systems

Family 3F.0503

Cardboard crates and boxes forming machines from stretched cut sheet

Family 3F.0505

PET-PVC-PE bottles production systems

Family 3F.0506

Continuous closure assemblers (compound plastic caps and lids)

Family 3F.0510

Straw-paper, fluting, packing paper, kraft paper production systems

Family 3F.0515

Corrugated cardboard transformation systems

Family 3F.0520

Plastic material bags production systems

Family 3F.0525

Static electricity elimination systems

Family 3F.0530

Crown treatment systems

Family 3F.0535

Paper humidification systems

Family 3F.0540

Paper stackers

Family 3F.0545

Frustum-of-cone boxes and drums stackers

Family 3F.0550

Glueing machines for laminated and coated sheets

Family 3F.0555

Glueing machines for flaps and edges

Family 3F.0560

Sealing rings inserting machines on metallic capsules

Family 3F.0565

Parcel binders

Family 3F.0570

Lines for corrugated cardboard production

Family 3F.0575

Lines for simple plastic bottles production and obtained by moulding

Family 3F.0585

Extrusion lines for laminating and coating

Family 3F.0590

Extrusion lines for blown film

Family 3F.0595

Extrusion lines for film-foils-plates

Family 3F.0600

Extrusion lines for mono and multifilaments

Family 3F.0603

Complete lines for ultrasonic welding of containers with plastic hinged lid

Family 3F.0605

Extrusion lines for straps

Family 3F.0610

Stretching lines for film, filaments etc.

Family 3F.0615

Covering lines of empty paddles with interlayers or polyethylene sheets

Family 3F.0620

Offset printing machine with on line painting sheet

Family 3F.0625

Multistation injection machines

Family 3F.0630

Injection machines for general use

Family 3F.0635

Automatic machines for tape printing by heat and automatic holographies impression

Family 3F.0645

Flanging-folding machines

Family 3F.0650

Multiworkstation combined machines for multiple operations on box body

Family 3F.0655

Cut-trace-crease combined machines for cardboards

Family 3F.0660

Sheet counter machines for paper and cardboard

Family 3F.0665

Continuos machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.0670

Creasing and punching machines

Family 3F.0675

Sewing machines for corrugated cardboard boxes

Family 3F.0680

Sewing machines for folding boxes

Family 3F.0685

Printing presses by heat

Family 3F.0690

Printing presses by heat (decorating machine) of plastic flacons and tubes

Family 3F.0695

Rotogravure printing presses

Family 3F.0700

Digital printing presses by coil

Family 3F.0705

Flexographic printing presses and converting on packaging materials by central cylinder

Family 3F.0710

Flexographic printing presses and converting on packaging materials by on line elements

Family 3F.0715

Flexographic printing presses for paperboard cases

Family 3F.0720

Flexographic printing presses for stick-on labels and glue paper labels

Family 3F.0725

Flexographic printing presses for plastic films

Family 3F.0735

Offset printing presses

Family 3F.0740

Offset printing presses by blank reverse sheet

Family 3F.0745

Offset printing presses by 2 up to 8 colours on plastic cans, syringes, tubes

Family 3F.0750

Offset printing presses by 2 up to 8 colours on plastic glasses and frustum-of-cone cups

Family 3F.0755

Offset printing presses by 2 up to 8 colours on plastic lids and capsules

Family 3F.0760

Offset printing presses by 4 up to 6 colours on pails to 25 lt

Family 3F.0765

Web digital offset printing presses

Family 3F.0770

Offset printing presses for lithography

Family 3F.0775

Printing presses for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.0780

Printing presses for stretched cardboard

Family 3F.0785

Printing presses for labels and tags

Family 3F.0790

Printing presses on sheet metals

Family 3F.0795

Printing presses for adhesive tapes

Family 3F.0800

Printing presses for shaped objects

Family 3F.0805

Printing presses for bags

Family 3F.0810

One colour serigraphic printing press on plastic cans, flacons, tubes, syringes

Family 3F.0815

One colour serigraphic printing press on plastic cases and jerrycans

Family 3F.0820

One colour serigraphic printing press on plastic pails up to 25 lt

Family 3F.0825

Serigraphic printing press by 1 to 5 colours on plastic cans, flacons, tubes, syringes

Family 3F.0830

Modular serigraphic printing press by 2 up to 8 colours on plastic flacons, cans, syringes, tubes

Family 3F.0835

Serigraphic printing press for stick-on labels, glue paper labels, paperboard cases

Family 3F.0840

Serigraphic printing presses

Family 3F.0845

Printing presses on wood

Family 3F.0850

Printing presses on glass

Family 3F.0855

Pad graphic printing presses

Family 3F.0860

Tipographic printing press for stick-on labels, glue paper labels, paperbord cases

Family 3F.0865

Machinery and equipment for screen printing

Family 3F.0875

Machinery and systems for plastic containers extrusion production and blowing (flacons, bottles, jerrycans, cans, jars, small oil-lamp holders)

Family 3F.0880

Machinery and systems for plastic containers injection production and blowing (flacons, bottles, cans, jars, small oil-lamp holders)

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