Current 406 famiglie
Family 3F.1425

Fold-paste machines for corrugated cardboard cartons

Family 3F.1430

Multi-function machines for accessory operations to the printing presses (caps screw,security seal application) on plastic flexible tubes

Family 3F.1435

Cleaning – smoothing machines for gravure cylinders

Family 3F.1440

Refining machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1445

Rewinding machines

Family 3F.1450

Wrapping machines for boxes

Family 3F.1455

Extrusion coating machines

Family 3F.1460

Coating machines by air blade

Family 3F.1465

Coating machines by squeegee

Family 3F.1470

Roller coating machines

Family 3F.1475

Heat-sealing machines

Family 3F.1480

Flexography proof presses

Family 3F.1485

Rotogravure proof presses

Family 3F.1491

Machines used for the manufacture of metal packaging (feeders,lids downloaders, flanging machines, crimping, creasing, compound liner, curlers, presses, molding machines, shears, ovens etc)

Family 3F.1495

Painting machines for tinplate and chrome strip

Family 3F.1500

Knurling machines

Family 3F.1503

Warehouses for storage of PET plugs and preforms

Family 3F.1505

Automatic feeders

Family 3F.1510

Compound liner for curling lids and caps

Family 3F.1515

Microperforating machines by heat for thermoplastic films

Family 3F.1516

Manual mixers - dosers resins for seals and glue for closings and packagings

Family 3F.1517

Semi-automatic mixers - dosers of resins for seals and glue for closings and packagings

Family 3F.1520

Online thickness gauges

Family 3F.1525

Static electricity portable gauges

Family 3F.1527

HP print forms for offset printers

Family 3F.1530

Electric resistance portable gauges

Family 3F.1535

Angled taping machines for corrugated cardborad boxes

Family 3F.1540

Air cushion corrugating

Family 3F.1545

Normal undulators

Family 3F.1550

Container orienters to couple with serigraphic printing presses, offset and by heat

Family 3F.1553

Palletizers of drums, keg drums and empty drums with cartesian axes by single grip head or pliers or suction caps

Family 3F.1554

Palletizers of empty cans with cartesian axes by magnetic plate grip head

Family 3F.1555

Palletizers of empty glass bottles also large-mouth with cartesian axes by layer grip head with inflatable pipes

Family 3F.1556

Palletizers by pusher of cans, bottles, aerosol cans and empty jars

Family 3F.1557

Palletizers by pusher of drums, keg drums and empty drums

Family 3F.1558

Palletizers of empty polycarbonate big bowls by row and pliers grip head

Family 3F.1559

Man-like palletizer robots of empty plastic and glass bottles by layer grip head

Family 3F.1560

Man-like palletizer robots by magnetic grip head for stacked lids wrapped in film or paper

Family 3F.1561

Man-like palletizer robots for drums, keg drums and empty drums by single grip head by pliers or suction caps

Family 3F.1562

Man-like palletizer robots for stacked frustum-of-cone drums by single grip head by pliers or suction caps

Family 3F.1563

Man-like palletizer robots of empty cans with layer grip head by magnetic plate

Family 3F.1564

Man-like palletizer robots with layer grip head by inflatable pipes

of plastic and glass empty bottles also large mouth

Family 3F.1565

Pens for detection of surface tension

Family 3F.1567

Man-like palletizer robots with row grip head by suction caps

for PET bottles preforms

Family 3F.1570

Perforating, punching and creasing machines

Family 3F.1575

Cold and warm surfaces for undulators

Family 3F.1580

Presses by heat for producing confectionary trays, pic-nic dishes and other paperboard contenitors from blank-cut sheet or web

Family 3F.1585

Dehydrating presses for paper -mill

Family 3F.1590

Embossing presses for sheets and webs

Family 3F.1605

Presses for gilding

Family 3F.1610

Presses for heat printing

Family 3F.1615

Presses for heat printing from tape

Family 3F.1619

Presses for capsules pilfer proof production

Family 3F.1620

Presses for padding metal caps production

Family 3F.1625

Presses for plates, cake paper-cases, confectionary trays, lids, paper and paperboard bottoms production

Family 3F.1630

Presses for paperboard trays production from blank-cut sheet or web

Family 3F.1635

Printer-slotters for corrugated paperboard

Family 3F.1640

Screw propellers for paper-mill vats

Family 3F.1645


Family 3F.1650

Large cone refiners for paper-mill

Family 3F.1655

Fibre recuperators for paper-mill

Family 3F.1672

Paper bags fillers with open top stacked lids

Family 3F.1675

Rotogravure rotary presses for print and packaging materials converting

Family 3F.1680

Glueing machines rollers by hot and cold glue

Family 3F.1685

Welding machines

Family 3F.1690

Welding machines by clutch

Family 3F.1695

Welding machines by gas

Family 3F.1700

Welding machines by thermic impulse

Family 3F.1705

Welding machines by induction

Family 3F.1710

Welding machines by warm plate

Family 3F.1715

Welding machines by ultrasound

Family 3F.1720

Welding machines by high frequency

Family 3F.1725

Welding machines by high frequency to produce plastic cases by soft folding

Family 3F.1750

Groovers and folding machines

Family 3F.1755

Debarking machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1760

Alignment and centring sensors

Family 3F.1765

Trim separators with pneumatic elevator

Family 3F.1770

Metal separators and detectors

Family 3F.1775

Silos with pneumatic elevator for caps

Family 3F.1780

Balancing systems-robots for lids production

Family 3F.1785

Control systems for easy-opening lids

Family 3F.1790

Welding and polymerization protection systems

Family 3F.1795

Slotters for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.1800

Pulping machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1805

Molds in single and double effect for metal caps

Family 3F.1810

Stroboscopes for print controls

Family 3F.1815

Automatic processors for photopolymers

Family 3F.1820

Unwinding machines for paper coils

Family 3F.1825


Family 3F.1830

Tube cutters for cardboard cores

Family 3F.1840

Manual cutting machines

Family 3F.1845

Winders and rewinders cutting machines for film

Family 3F.1850

Longitudinal and transverse cutting machines for film

Family 3F.1855

Longitudinal and transverse cutting machines for paper industry

Family 3F.1860

Transverse cutting machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1865

Transverse cutting machines for sheet metals

Family 3F.1870

Cutting machines-rewinders

Family 3F.1875

Flat tables of paper mixing, formation, dragging

Family 3F.1880

Thermoforming machines

Family 3F.1885

Vacuum thermoforming machines

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